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Based in a prime location of Guangdong, China, we, Guangdong Hongtuo Instrument Technology Co.,Ltd. are renowned in the industry as reliable Manufacturer, Trader, Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier and Exporter of an assortment of industrial testing equipments and machines. Solids Density Meter, Liquids Density Meter, Solids, Liquids, Powder Density Meter and XRF Metal Analyzer are few of our offered solutions. To meet with all kinds of market requirement from different industries, we customize t5hese products in varied specifications. We sell these testing products under the brand names of DahoMeter and Quarrz. As we strive to become the best in our industry we constantly work on improvising and advancing the technological and physical aspects of our products.

Some More Business Specifications

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Trader, Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier and Exporter

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Products Offered

1.Precious Metal Tester

  • Gold testing machine AU-3000K

  • Gold tester AU-2000K

  • Gold testing machine price AU-1200K

  • Gold purity testing machine AU-900K

  • precious metal analyzer AU-600K

  • electronic gold tester AU-300K

  • gold and silver testing machine AU-120K

  • gold karat tester AU-200K

  • gold analyzer DH-300K

  • gold density tester DH-600K

  • gold tester machine DH-900K

  • gold purity tester DH-1200K

  • gold assaying equipment DH-2000K

3.Solids Density Meter Extended Function

  • Bulk Density Tester

  • Quality, Volume, Change Rate, Density Tester

  • Oil Content and Density Tester

  • Porosity Tester

  • Volume,Quality,Water Absorption Tester

  • DIN, Akron, Expansion Rate Tester

2.Solids Density Meter

Classified by Application:

  • Rubber, Plastic Density Meter

  • Alloy, Metal, Glass Densitometer

  • Sponge, Foam, Protection Materials Digital Densimeter

  • Ceramic, Powder Metallurgy, Magnetic Materials Density Gauge

  • Cement, Lime, Coal Densimeter

  • Concrete, Soil, Asphalt Gravimeter, Gravitometer

  • Rock, Mining Specific Gravity Meter

  • Powder Density Meter

  • Wood, Furniture Density Meter

  • Porosity Metal Materials Density Testing Equipment

  • Refractory Materials, Graphite, Carbon Brush Density Scale

  • Agricultural Products Density Measuring Device

  • Forging , Casting Density Testing Machine

  • Digital Densitometer for Food Industry

Classified by Style:

  • Economic Digital Densitometer

  • Quick Measuring Multi Function Electronic Densimeter

  • High Precision Multi Function Specific Gravity Test Equipment

4.Liquids Density Meter

Classified by Application:

  • Baume Hydrometer, Baume Meter, Density Hydrometer

  • Concentration and Density Tester

  • Sugar Degree, Plato, Density, Alcohol Tester

  • Sodium Silicate Modulus and Density Tester

  • Dyes Twaddell and Density Analyzer

  • Petroleum API, Density, w / gal  Tester

  • Sulfuric acid Concentration and Density tester

  • Hydrochloric Acid Concentration and Density Tester

  • Ethanol Concentration and Density Tester

  • Ammonia Water Concentration and Density Tester

Classified by Style:

  • Economic Liquid Density Meter

  • Quick Measuring Multi Function Liquid Densitometer

  • High Precision Multi Function Specific Gravity Hydrometer

5.Solids, Liquids, Powder Density Meter

  • Economic Specific Gravity Balance

  • Quick Measuring Multi Function Gravity Meter

  • High Precision Multi Function Density Testing Apparatus

6.XRF Metal Analyzer

  • XRF gold testing machine DX-800

  • XRF analyzer DX-800M

  • XRF spectrometer DX-1500

  • XRF metal analyzer DX-1600

  • XRF gold analyzer DX-1600M

  • XRF gold tester DX-2800

  • X ray gold testing analyzer DX-2800M

  • X ray fluorescence spectrometer DX-1500

  • Handheld xrf analyzer DX-5000

  • Portable spectrometer DX-5000

  • Portable xrf analyzer DX-5000

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