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What We Offer?

Our company manufactures, trades, supplies, wholesales, distributes and exports a broad assortment of various kinds of testing solutions. Few of our products are listed below:

1. Gold Testing Machine

  • Gold Testing Machine Price

  • Gold Tester

  • Gold Testing Machine

  • Gold Purity Testing Machine

  • Electronic Gold Tester

  • Gold And Silver Testing Machine

  • Precious Metal Analyzer

  • Gold Measuring Machine

  • Gold Analyzer

  • Gold Karat Tester

  • Gold Purity Tester

  • Gold Density Tester

  • Gold Assaying Equipment

  • Gold Testing Equipment

  • Precious Metal Tester

2. Density Meters

  • Density Meter

  • Densitometer

  • Digital Hydrometer

  • Densimeter

  • Densitometer Price

  • Tap Density Tester

  • Gravimeter

  • Electronic Densimeter

  • Density Meter Price

  • Baume Hydrometer

  • Gravity Meter

  • Portable Density Meter

  • Specific Gravity Hydrometer

  • Density Gauge

  • Density Balance

  • Density Scale

  • Specific Gravity Meter

  • Baume Meter

  • Density Measuring Devices

  • Liquid Density Meter

  • Oil Density Meter

  • Densimeter Price

  • Specific Gravity Test Equipment

  • Foam Density Meter

  • Bulk Density Apparatus

  • Density Testing Equipment

  • Density Hydrometer

  • Digital Densitometer

  • Specific Gravity Measurement

  • Solids Density Meter

  • Plastic Density Tester

  • Density Meter For Liquids

  • Density Testing Machine

  • Liquid Densitometer

  • Density Tester

  • Digital Density Meter

  • Digital Densimeter

3. Tensile Testing Machine

  • Tensile Testing Machine

  • Universal Testing Machine Price

  • Compression Testing Machine

  • Tensile Tester

  • Price Compression Testing Machine

  • Bend Testing Machine

  • Plastic Compression Machine

  • Universal Test Equipment

  • Rubber Tensile Testing Machine

  • Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

  • 50kn Universal Testing Machine

  • Tensile Strength Tester

  • Steel Tensile Test Machine

  • Universal Tensile Testing Machine

  • Compression Tester

  • Tensile Strength Testing Equipment

  • Universal Testing Machine China

  • Tensile Strength Tester Price

  • Tensile Testing Equipment

  • Tensile Tester Testing Machine

  • Tensile Testing Machines Supplier

  • Tensile Compression Testing Machine

  • Tensile Strength Meter

Universal Tester

4. Climatic Chamber

  • Climatic Chamber

  • Salt Spray Test Chamber

  • Environmental Test Chamber

  • Humidity Chamber

  • Salt Spray Test Machine

  • Climatic Test Chamber

  • Temperature Chamber

  • Temperature And Humidity Chamber

  • Temperature And Humidity Control Cabinet

  • Temperature Controlled Cabinet

  • Cabinet Climate Control

  • Climatic Chamber Price

  • Temperature Testing Chamber

5. Abrasion Testing Machine

  • Abrasion Test Machine

  • Abrasion Tester

  • Abrasion Resistance Tester

  • Martindale Abrasion Testing Machine

  • Martindale Abrasion Tester Price

  • Taber Abrasion Tester

  • Din Abrasion Tester

  • Martindale Abrasion Tester

6. Plastic Testing Equipment

  • Price Plastic Melt Flow Index Tester

  • Melt Flow Index Tester

  • Charpy Impact Testing Machine

  • Melting Point Tester

  • Charpy Impact Test Equipment Price

  • Melt Flow Index MFI Testing Machine

  • Melt Flow Indexer

  • Melt Flow Rate Tester

  • Melt Flow Index MFI Testing Machine

  • Falling Dart Impact Testing Machine

  • Torque Meter

  • Torque Tester

  • Bottle Cap Torque Tester

  • Torque Meter Digital

  • Torque Measurement Instrument

  • Rubbing Fastness Tester

  • Crockmeter

Quality Assurance Strategy

To maintain highest international quality standards of all our products we adhere to the stringent quality standards throughout the process of manufacturing. Our engineering department audits and introspects the process at every stage as per the guidelines. Once the Precious Metal Tester, Gold Tester, XRF Metal Analyzer and allied goods are engineered and ready, our quality controllers inspect each item before their delivery. Technical aspects like, operational life, efficiency, performance and physical aspects like structuring, finishing, polishing  are inspected.

Primary Competitive Advantage

Below listed are some advantages of our company that gives us an edge over other market dealers or manufacturers.

100% Affordable Price

  • Being an authorized manufacturer of Dahometer and Quarz brand products the prices we charge for our products is reasonable that suits our clients budget easily
High Quality Standards
  • Due to our highly professional and technical mind people we are able to bring forth ultra-modern and superior quality range of testing goods that meets with all standards of quality.
Efficient Logistics Facility
  • To deliver the orders to our clients based in different states we are associated with reliable logistics partner, who are able to transport the products always on time.

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